Has camera, will photography.

First... full galleries from cons can be found on SmugMug (link below).  This is more of a portfolio site, than a gallery page, so only a limited number of photos will appear here.

Photography is something that I enjoy, but have no desire to monetize.  As such, full resolution photos are available for download on my SmugMug and Flickr pages.  You are welcome to use them to make prints, or share on social media.

(I switched from Flickr to SmugMug, starting with photos taken at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018, so everything from May 2018 forward will be on SmugMug)

If you would like to collaborate on something, I would be happy to work with you on any project I am interested in, just send me an email/message and we should chat!

If you intend to use my photos for commercial or business purposes, contact me for permission prior to use.

Email: thesleepymuse@gmail.com

Instagram: @thesleepymuse

Facebook: @thesleepymuse

SmugMug: https://thesleepymuse.smugmug.com

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/thesleepymuse